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As a provider of Multimedia content for a wide variety of clientele, the Media Services division stands behind its work with 23 years in the printing and prepress business and 11 years in video production, editing and DVD authoring.

From print media and full-color advertising brochures, to video shoots, scripting and directing, to packaging the finished program into an edited, polished production, authored to final DVD with all the professional features that the major motion picture industry have at their disposal, and finally to the packaging and printed matter that go with the DVD distribution product, we handle it all.

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Our Engineering division handles technical services for broadcasters on a contract basis.

With a broad array of service arrangements to suit small, medium and large cluster facilities in the Northeast, we have a service plan that's right for your station.

Services ranging from new construction, to upgrading facilities are handled by this division. Work for hire by the hour, with emergency 24/7 monitoring service available, for the peace of mind and fast response times that commercial enterprise radio requires in order to protect their valuable airtime inventory booking.

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