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There have been many requests for more information on some of these products from commercial station owners. One of these products is scheduled to go into production this spring. So far, there has been a lot of positive response to the multiband audio limiter. The big noise right now is over our awesome multiband processor/limiter. (One of the pet projects I have for this web site is a 44KHz stereo sample of our audio, compared to other stations on the dial, available as a short, 1 minute sample, so users of this web site can hear the difference for themselves.) Also later on this summer, I will be exploring a radical new stereo generator design, utilizing Time Division Multiplexing to eliminate the customary weak links of conventional stereo generators. Look for news of this and other products coming in the months to follow...

Here's a look at my first 5 products and their prices as follows:


Single Band Stereo Limiter with Sibilance Control ............................................. $595
This is a basic, but very high-quality limiter for those who seek "audio purist"
sound on their broadcast signal. Not a lot of processing, but still loud and
superb modulation control. 19" EIA rack mount unit.


Stereophonic Generator .......................................................................................... $695
My classic stereo generator. Derives maximum theoretical channel separation possible
with analog technology. Bi-polar, push-pull DC-coupled balanced modulator for even lower
distortion. Super-sharp pilot reject filtering allows response to 16Khz while providing the
most stable pilot in the industry. Peak overshoot clamp circuit just before composite circuit
offers loudness of composite clipper without the attendant loss of separation found in
composite clippers. Provides the final protection against overmodulation, even if used with
less than perfect limiter. Adjustable Subcarrier injection, 19 Khz pilot and Composite Output
level controls. Auxiliary input pass throughs for SCA (AC-coupled) and 1 DC-coupled pass
through for telemetry or other applications.
Pre-assembled, tuned and fully tested. 19" EIA rack mount unit. 95-130 VAC, 60Hz.


Triple-Band "Permutative Audio Processor" Limiter ....................................... $1195

This is the competition-killer! Features surge-protected, true instrumentation differential
balanced input/output amplifiers, a Permutative Audio Processor which increases loudness
by re-timing fundamental and harmonic content to reduce peak amplitude, a new precision
Preemphasis circuit, baseband auto level control, three bands of AGC (optional 5-band
card coming soon), each with their own wave-shaping circuitry for maximum volume
without distortion, custom EQ settings, adjustable crossover frequencies. Tightest
modulation in the industry, regardless of price. Garanteed to keep your modulation
between 98-100% with typical program material, at all times. 19" EIA rack mount unit.



Single Band Limiter with Sibilance Control and Stereophonic Generator .... $1195
A combination of the first two systems above, in a single 19" EIA rack unit,
carefully-matched to eachother for even tighter modulation control.


Triple-Band Super Audio Processor/Limiter and Stereophonic Generator .. $1695
A combination of the second two systems above, in a single 19" EIA rack unit,
carefully-matched to eachother for even tighter modulation control. This is the
unbeatable combination for stations engaged in "volume wars".
SPECIFICATIONS: Peak Control: within +/- 1%. Sine Wave Modulation: Greater than 98% (less than 0.2dB below maximum overshoot at all audio frequencies). Stereophonic section: Pilot protection filter: Better than -80dB @ 19KHz. Channel separation: Better than 60dB. Signal-to-noise ratio: Better than 85dB at Composite Output jack.



All of my audio compressors utilize true resistive gain control elements for unmeasurable distortion levels.
There is no need for a "distortion null adjust" or "thump null adjust" in the variable gain amplifier circuits.
This assures years of consistent performance, with distortion levels representative of the wideband op-amps
utilized in this system and no additional distortion contributed by the gain device.

I am now considering an AM version with NRSC preemphasis/EQ/filtering, with true Asymmetrical Modulation Enhancement. Look for that coming out this fall.

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